Accelerated Corrosion Testing for BPA-NI Metal Packaging Resins

Bisphenol-A based materials are getting phased-out in various applications including in metal packaging coatings. Responding to increasing regulatory and customer demands, food brands, coatings formulators, and can makers are looking for alternative BPA-non intent (BPA-NI) technology that can replace BPA-based coatings while simultaneously meeting or exceeding their rigorous performance requirements. We are participating in the development of polyester BPA-NI resins technology that can deliver improved resistance to food sterilization, long-term shelf stability, while balancing flexibility and toughness critical to withstanding aggressive canning process. We explore several fundamental techniques to demonstrate improved resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, while balancing flexibility and adhesion through innovative resin and formulation design.  Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), cathodic disbonding, coupled with fitness-for-use testing were used to understand barrier properties of BPA-NI solutions in formulated coatings. These studies and techniques help build solid structure-property relationships enabling better resin design for food contact metal packaging coatings.

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