Acrylic Dispersion for Improved Metal Protection

"Water-borne technologies are gaining ground, although solvent-borne or 100% solids technologies remain dominant, for corrosion protection due to increased regulations around VOC emissions. Our latest development emphasizes our commitment and expertise in this field.  This study demonstrates a high-performance, APEO- and zinc-free binder with improved corrosion protection compared to other 1-component water-borne binders of equivalent dry film thickness. This new resin helps to save formulation cost and complexity by decreasing or eliminating the use of active inhibitors. The versatility of this technology will be showcased by results in a high-gloss direct-to-metal (DTM) coating and primer. By balancing the hydrophobicity and chemical functionality,we have developed a resin with low water uptake, good early water and humidity resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance while still allowing for ease of formulation and pigment dispersion. This functionality also allows for superior adhesion to multiple substrates, including plastics."

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