Acrylic Polyol With Enhanced Performance for 2K PUR Direct-to-Metal Coatings

Mitigating corrosion continues to be a challenge in protective coatings markets. End users are demanding more corrosion protection with fewer coats.  An example would be direct to metal topcoats that forgo the use of a primer. 2K Urethane coatings are commonly used in the protective coatings markets either as primers, topcoats or direct to metal topcoats.  These urethane coatings inherently suffer from poor corrosion protection and adhesion when applied directly to metal substrates such as cold rolled steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. We have developed a unique acrylic polyol suitable for low VOC solvent based direct to metal  2K urethane coatings. The new resin provides low VOC capability, long pot life, good dry and wet adhesion to various metal substrates, good corrosion resistance as measured in salt spray and good UV durability which is a key requirement for the protective coatings market that demands long service life.  

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